In order to help facilitate a smooth transition during this time, our office has prepared a set of instructions for you to follow.

One Week Before the 341 Meeting

  • By NOON one week before the 341 meeting, please upload the following to 13documents (
    • Tax returns for the past TWO (2) years
    • Bank statements
    • Paystubs
  • NOTE, failure to upload these documents will result in the 341 meeting being continued. If the second 341 meeting cannot be completed, the case will be subject to dismissal.

2 BUSINESS Days Before the 341 Meeting

  • By NOON two (2) business days before the 341 meeting, please upload the following to 13documents ( under the form type “341 Documents.”
    • the attached “Attorney Declaration Regarding Confirmation of Debtor Identity and Social Security Number” and
    • the attached “Understanding Letter.”
  • NOTE, these forms ARE REQUIRED for EVERY case. If the forms are not provided 2 business days before the scheduled 341 meeting, your case will be continued. If the second schedule 341 meeting is not able to be completed, the case will be subject to dismissal.
  • To avoid unnecessary contact, our office will accept a /s/ for the debtor’s signature, but he/she will be required to testify that they authorized the signature.

Day of the 341 Meeting

  • For your scheduled 341 meeting, please call 877-953-7359. The passcode or access code to participate is 4589381.
    • NOTE, debtors are not required to be in the same room as their counsel. However, it is suggested that counsel should be in visual contact with the debtor(s) via Skype, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, etc.
    • Please share this information with the debtor(s) and any interested party who may not have received notice and wish to participate.
  • When participating in the 341 meeting, please make use of the following phone etiquette:
    • Mute the call while your meeting is not being held.
    • Limit all background noise while your meeting is being held.
    • Do NOT use speaker phone unless two or more persons are appearing on the SAME line.
    • Debtors and counsel are to be at a set location and not in transit, so that full attention can be given to the questions being asked.
    • Only debtors, their counsel, creditors, and interested parties are allowed on the connection. No “moral support” or supplementary answers should be provided by friends or family.