As you all know debtor’s and attorneys are required to use for uploading 341 documents, tax returns, pay stubs, and bank statements to the Trustee’s office. Within the past year 13documents have provided new ease of use features for everyone involved. Below is a short summary of the new additions. Please contact [] with any questions about these updates.

OCR Scanning – This feature expands on the existing Social Security Number scanning. Once uploads are scanned if unredacted Social Security Numbers are found the document will be rejected notifying the user of the rejection. The Trustee will not be notified that the document was uploaded.

Local Document Deletion – Before now files uploaded to 13docs and were attached or placed in a location of your choosing. This feature allows for a custom table in your database that will delete these files on or after a date the user sets while keeping a detail record for historical purposes. Common applications for this include deleting tax returns after a certain date.
Debtor Education Module Update – A complete overhaul has been implemented to ensure the process for generating Debtor Education Certificates are easier. Some changes include: case number search throughout approved Trustees; simultaneous queues for multiple Trustee certificates; link Trustee’s to their district once and be done.
Last Login Display – Home screen now contains a record of last login. This includes information of the time, date, location, IP address, and if the login was successful or a failure.
Multi-Email Document Exchange –This can be used to send a single document to a list of multiple email addresses without the difficulties of Document Exchange Batch Upload.

Bulletin Board Message/File Posting – An easy-to-use Bulletin Board system has been added to the system. Here you may share messages or documents with all users you have approved for upload. This feature shares your message or document with all users, there is no filtering or assignment.

Auto-Logout – In the past users would not know their session had expired until another action had been performed. Now an auto-logout feature has been added which returns the user to the login screen after 2 hours of idling.
One Time Upload – The Trustee will now be able to send a link allowing non-registered users to upload a document(s). When the user receives the link, they will have one hour to upload required documents.
Check List – Visual feedback is now provided to users in a checklist scheme allowing them to easily see what they have provided in relation to what is requested from the Trustee.
Slideshow for Users – A “getting started” presentation has been added to user home screens providing a step-by-step guide to using 13documents for users.

–Tyler S. Preece, Case Administrator