Just in time for the holidays—debt collectors can use social media, text message and email to contact debtors.

New rules that took effect on November 30, 2021, allow debt collectors to contact debtors on social media—including sending a friend request.

There are requirements about identifying themselves as debt collectors. In addition, they must:
1. give debtors the option of opting out of online communications, and
2. keep the communications private. No posting to a public page.

The opt-out option also applies to text message and emails.

The Agency limited phone calls to seven calls in seven consecutive days per account in collection.

There are 2 sets of rules—one updating communication media and one updating disclosure requirements.

The final draft of the first rule can be found here: Link

The final draft of the second rule can be found here: Link

To read Director Kraninger’s blog on the final rules click here: CFPB’s clear rules of the road for debt collector communications lead to stronger consumer rights