Tools Of The Trade

Northern District Bankruptcy Court webpage:

Southern District Bankruptcy Court webpage:

TFS – options to consider.

(debtor information) Debtors can set up payments from their bank accounts, wages or even from a Moneygram if you don’t have a bank account.

13docs (Must use for sending tax returns, pay stubs and bank statements to the trustee’s office)

U.S. Trustee webpage:

National Data Center – keep on track with your cases. NDC provides free daily updates to your debtor cases. NDC promises to help national creditors, default servicers or national law firms to improve the management of bankruptcy cases through the “intelligent use of data.”  NDC has both regional and national subscription services for creditors


NACTT Academy – what’s going on in the world of Chapter 13. Creditors can sign up for electronic transfer of payments.

Annual Credit Report


Northern District Bankruptcy Court Chapter 13 forms:

Southern District Bankruptcy Court Chapter 13 forms:

Suggested order adding claim:

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